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Design & Technology

Subject Expectations: Design and Technology (D&T)                

How often and when is the subject taught?

Taught weekly/in blocks which alternate with Art and Design.

Who teaches the subject?

Class teachers deliver D&T.

How is the subject recorded? (Which book? Photographs? How is it evidenced?)

The subject is recorded in D&T books which follow pupils through their time at school. Photo evidence is also used when D&T is completed across the curriculum.

How is the subject taught?

D&T develops children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control, textiles and a range of materials including food. Children are taught a range of skills including evaluating, designing, making and testing.

The teaching and learning of D&T should ensure that children:

  • Show interest and motivation in designing and making.
  • Show knowledge of a variety of materials, skills and equipment.
  • Safely apply relevant skills to produce quality products.
  • Creatively apply their knowledge and skills when designing and making.
  • Plan and work individually, and as a member of a team.
  • Evaluate and make appropriate modifications within their design and making.
  • Evaluate commercially produced products.

How is the subject assessed/marked?

Teachers assess against the Learning Objectives specified on our whole school D&T curriculum map. At the end of each unit of work, teachers assess pupils attainment, identifying pupils Working Towards ARE, Working at ARE and Working at Greater Depth. Marking adheres to the school’s marking policy.

How is the subject planned for? (Short/Medium/Long term planning)

Long and Medium term planning is used.

How is work for the subject displayed?

There are D&T displays in classrooms and a whole school progression in D&T display in the school hall.

Resourcing (What/Where is it stored?)

D&T resources are mostly stored in the Science resource cupboard. However, there are also some resources stored in classrooms. Additional resources which are specific to particular activities are purchased on request.

What homework is set?

Homework is set via half-termly learning projects linked to the current theme in each class which encourages children to design, make, test and evaluate.

Cross Curricular Learning and Current Events Evidence

Cross curricular links are made, this work is evidenced in Theme books, through photographic evidence and/or displays.

Subject specific information

D&T is taught weekly/in blocks which alternate with Art and Design. D&T is a skills-based subject which children build upon as they progress through school. It encourages children to be creative and encourages them to think about important issues. D&T gives children the opportunity to experience structured first-hand experiences, linked to the teaching of skills, knowledge, concepts and attitudes. In this way, the children may be helped to make sense of their experiences and apply their learning to new situations.