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Are you worried about e-safety at home?

Parent Control Guide (click to view)

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have a minimum age of 13! No one under the age of 13 should have an account. Another fact not a lot of people realise; if your child has a google account, they also have a YouTube account and are able to upload videos.

Please contact us for any advice or questions you may have.

Momo Challenge

A disturbing new trend has begun to appear on Social Media applications such as WhatsApp but more recently YouTube. The ‘Momo’ character is a disfigured woman based on Japanese art with a stretched face small body and chicken legs. This character has started to appear part way through kids YouTube videos and challenges the viewer to carry out activities often leading to self-harm with the final challenge being suicide. Please see the below poster for tips on how to keep your child(ren) safe.

Musical.ly has a new name – TikTok (Safer Internet Centre)

The social network app Musical.ly has often given adults cause for concern, because of the way that children use it to generate and share their own short videos and lip sync to popular audio clips. The app has a new name and new features and now includes live streaming. Although the app has an age limit of 13 years old, in practice there will be younger children using it, and the content may not be suitable.

Profiles on TikTok are automatically set to public so that any content you post can be seen by anyone within the app.  There is also a Restricted Mode which can help to filter out inappropriate content and prevent the user from being able to start their own live streams.

Please make families aware of this.

You can find out more here: 


An Interesting Blog on Fortnite

Cyberbullying Presentation

Free Anti-Virus

Click here to see our step by step guide on installing free versions of Anti-Virus on your home computers.

Online Safeguarding at Home

Would you like to keep track of what your children are visiting on the internet and help protect them from online dangers?

There are numerous internet filtering programs out there for you to choose from but we’ve researched a few and can recommend the ones below.

If you want more information, click on the links



Click on the below links for help and advice

Parenting in a Digital World


This document is a comprehensive guide for parents and cares to help keep your child safe online.  It has been produced by the software company 2 simple.

New App to help keep your child safe online!

SafetoNet App

I have come across this website which enables you to subscribe to an app which will analyse online behaviour to identify concerns, filter risk and provide advice and guidance in real-time.

Up to Date Advice for Parents

For up-to-date advice on using digital technology, Parent info is a very informative website. 

It has advice on games, apps, safety, and lots more.

Please click on the link below for the website. 


Facebook guidance updated

Facebook has relaunched its safety centre and bullying prevention hub.

It provides information on bullying for teens, parents and educators, including what to do if a child is bullying others.

There is also a new parent’s portal.


Parental Controls

Below are links to some of the main broadband providers in the UK and how to apply parental controls such as filters that could help to protect your child when using the Internet. 

They are short videos that take you through how to filter out content that you think in unsuitable for your children.

No filter or parental controls tool is 100% effective, and many of the risks that young people face online are because of their own and other's behaviour.  It is therefore important to talk to your children about staying safe online and make sure they know that they can turn to you if they get into any difficulty.

Useful Websites

Below are some useful websites that will give you lots of information about keeping your child safe online and what to do if any problems arise.

  • CEOP (thinkuknow) 
    This website shows how to safe online and is aimed at different age groups. 5-7, 8,10, 11- 13 and a section for parents
  • Get Safe Online 
    A website that supports parents in how to keep their children safe online. The links below are different sections within this website.