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Subject Expectations:  Music               

Subject Lead:  Mrs S Fletcher

How often and when is the subject taught?

Music is taught once weekly, often during the class teacher’s PPA time. Each Music Lesson lasts for one hour. This lesson is also taught through cross-curricular approaches, such as MFL or SEAL.

Who teaches the subject?

Class teachers are responsible for the planning and preparation of Music lessons while HLTAs are responsible for the delivery of lessons. Class teachers and HLTAs work collaboratively in the assessment of Music. Reception are the exception to this as class teachers teach music to link with their Early Learning Goals.

How is the subject recorded? (Which book? Photographs? How is it evidenced?)

As Music is a practical lesson, lessons are primarily evidenced through photos and videos. Where appropriate, photo evidence, or evidence of any recorded work, is presented in class Music evidence files.

How is the subject taught?

Music is taught in a fun, practical way. 

At an age appropriate level musical notation is introduced.

How is the subject assessed/marked?

A copy of the Target Tracker statements are available on SharePoint. In accordance with whole school assessment policy, Target Tracker statements are updated for each pupil on a termly basis.

How is the subject planned for? (Short/Medium/Long term planning)

The Music Express Scheme is followed.

A Long Term Plan for each Year group (besides Reception) has also been developed. HLTAs are expected to follow the Music Express Planning and adapt/change to suit the needs of their children.

How is work for the subject displayed?

In each classroom there is a small area where the key words that the children are using for a particular topic are displayed. This is good practise for the children as they can refer back to this throughout the week. Photographic evidence is also printed off and kept in year group music folders.

Resourcing (What/Where is it stored?)

Music Express books are kept in each specific year group. A CD or DVD-rom is used to resources lessons. Musical instruments are stored centrally in the Learning Room so it is easily accessible by all.

Cross Curricular Learning and Current Events Evidence

Music is taught in a cross curricular way and in its own right.

Year 3 pupils receive structured ukulele lessons once a week from a visiting peripatetic teacher.

This year, we are hoping to engage in a number of different community events across the year including; The Mayor’s Christmas Carol Concert, ‘A Big Song and Dance’ and Sandwell’s Remembrance Service.

As part of our wider curriculum Enrichment offer, we are also working towards our newly-formed choir singing at the ‘Young Voices’ concert in the near future.