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Physical Education (PE)

Subject Expectations: Physical Education (PE)

60 Second Challenges & Physical Activity Bingo

Please click HERE to As part of our drive to help children and their parents/carers stay active during out of school and at home , we are sharing the Youth Sport Trust series of 60 Second Challenges that everyone can try at home, along with an Activity Tracking Sheet

How often and when is the subject taught?

PE is taught twice a week for a total of two hours.

Swimming is taught once a week for Year 5 for the duration of the academic year.

We currently have a Year 5/6 boys football team and an elite athletics team who participate in the annual WBLC athletics competition.

Who teaches the subject?

Sport Plus teach one session and class teachers deliver the other session. Swimming lessons are delivered by the qualified instructors at Langley swimming baths.

How is the subject recorded? (Which book? Photographs? How is it evidenced?)

The subject is recorded via photographic evidence and Target Tracker statements.

How is the subject taught?

PE is taught both inside and outside in whole class groups by class teachers.

How is the subject assessed/marked?

The assessment tool within our Power of PE scheme of work is used to keep a record of targets achieved during and at the end of each unit of work being taught. Class teachers also use their own evidence from the lessons that they teach. At the end of each unit, teachers assess pupils attainment, identifying pupils Working Towards ARE, Working at ARE and Working at Greater Depth.

How is the subject planned for? (Short/Medium/Long term planning)

Short term planning is adapted from Power of PE scheme of work and if necessary annotated by class teachers when they deliver their lessons.

A long term plan is sent out to all staff detailing what they need to teach.

How is work for the subject displayed?

Photographs of pupils engaging in a range of sports are displayed around school. In the school hall, there is also a progression in P.E. display which showcases pupil achievements in a range of sports.

Resourcing (What/Where is it stored?)

A wide range of equipment to teach all sports is kept in the PE cupboard in the hall.

What homework is set?

Afterschool sports clubs and competitions are offered throughout the year.

Cross Curricular Learning

Teachers link their theme to P.E. lessons. For example, when learning about the Romans in History, Year 4 practise a range of training exercises, combining their historical knowledge with P.E. skills.

Current Events Evidence

  • Sports days
  • Football teams
  • Sports competitions within the WBLC
  • In house year group competitions
  • Daily offer of sporting activities at lunchtime
  • Variety of after school sports clubs available
  • Annual participation in the WBLC elite athletics competition