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School Council

Who We Are

Our School Council is made up of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and improve our school.
Then council will then meet with Mr Ogden three times every half term.

We are a good school council because we listen to and represent the views of our class and we get things done. We learn how to present an argument and bring about change to improve the school.

  • We have regular meetings - every two weeks of half term
  • We regularly report back to our class and collect their suggestions
  • We look at democracy in action and research ideas for our classes



Make a Difference

We don't just talk we get things done.

  • We wear our badges around school so that everyone knows who we are.
  • We think of others and we are currently researching ideas for the new playground equipment.
  • We have been reporting back to classes to tell them what we have discovered about how much playground equipment costs


  • We have found out that playground equipment is very expensive and so we need to be very careful with what we might buy.