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Welcome back for the last term of Year 1!

During this half- term in Maths, we will focus on Place Value to 100. Exploring the values of tens and ones; comparing amounts, and ordering numbers. We will then begin to look at Multiplication and Division, using our knowledge of 2s, 5s and 10s to help us.

In English, we have begun writing a non-fiction report on what would happen If Sharks Disappear. We have been examining the affects this would have on the environment and how we can all take responsibility to protect the ocean.

Our topic in Science is Plants. We have been reviewing parts of plants and identifying wild flowers. Through this topic we will examine different types of trees and sort them by examining their leaves.

In Geography, we are reviewing the seven continents and finding out about different animals and their habitats, across the globe. For instance, we have found out that Emperor Penguins largely live in Antarctica and we are all now able to identify this continent on a map.

For Design and Technology, we have started our topic of Moving Pictures. Each week we will evaluate different ways in which illustrators use moving pictures in a book; like sliders and leavers. We will then have a go at trying out these techniques for ourselves.

Miss Cowley, May 2021


This half- term, Year 1 have been getting to grips with two new subjects; History and Art.

In Art, the class have loved finding out about various artists like Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian. They used their work as an influence to create their own pieces. They have been learning about primary colours and what happens when you mix them.

In History, Year 1 have been discussing what childhood was like for our Grandparents. We have gone back into the past to find out about 1950! The class were shocked to find out that Grandma did not have an Xbox and the Television only had one channel!

In Maths, we have extended our understanding of numbers beyond 10 now to 20. We have been writing numbers as words, understanding their value as well as ordering them.

In English, we have been enjoying a new class text every week to support our writing. We have read: ‘A dark, dark, tale’, ‘Peace at Last’, ‘Poppies’ - a Remembrance tale – and lastly ‘Zog’. The class have enjoyed word collecting around the room to support their ideas and then enjoyed mark- making or writing sentences.

I am looking forward to spending the run-up to Christmas with the class and cannot wait to see how their excitement grows!

Miss Cowley

December 2020


Year 1 have been excited and eager to explore their new environment. They have been using the different areas of the indoor and outdoor space. They have been getting cosy in the book corner or getting messy in the mud kitchen- making sensational recipes.

In Science, the children have been learning about their body parts and the five senses. They have drawn and labelled body parts and are beginning to discuss the senses and their functions.

In Maths, Year 1 have been using numbers to 10. We have been counting forwards, backwards and ordering numbers. Some of the children have shown an interest in number and had a go at challenging themselves with larger numbers.

In Geography, we have been discussing our place in the world, which is West Bromwich. The class have looked at aerial maps of the local area. Some children have shown an interest in drawing maps which show their route from home to school.

In RE, the class have been learning what it means to be Christian. We have talked about holy buildings and Christians holy book- the Bible. We are beginning to understand what parables are and why they are special.

In English, we have been using the text ‘The Queen’s Hat’. Based on this, some of the class have had a go at using their sounds to write short sentences. They are beginning to use finger spaces and full stops.


Miss Cowley

October 2020