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Since returning to school after Easter, class 2 have been very busy indeed.

In English, we started our first poetry unit of work and children really enjoyed creating their own 'If I were in charge of the world poem'. We are in the process of editing, ready to begin rewriting them. One of their ideas would be to have only 2 days of school!

In Maths, we are learning how to add and subtract using a range of methods. The children are getting better at using the part-whole and bar models. They have been introduced to using new maths vocabulary like equation and addends.

In Science, we are learning about plants and next week we will plant our own seeds and bulbs using our new school edible garden.

Our Geography lessons are introducing us the wonders of the world. They have looked at famous rivers around the world. We hope to learn much more about our world and what makes it wonderful.

The children have really enjoyed Design and Technology as we tasted, evaluated, and made our own salad. I was really impressed with their peeling and grating skills. Maybe they can start helping in the kitchen at home!!

Keep up the hard work Class 2, Mrs Fletcher is proud of you.

Mrs Fletcher, May 2021


What a busy half term Year 2 have had!

In English we have been learning how to write a postcard. In Maths, we have been using a range of methods to add and subtract numbers including exchanging. This has been a challenge but we have enjoyed using the concrete resources to help.

We are really enjoying our History lessons, particularly learning about The Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We are now going to continue our learning about The Great Fire of London. Watch this space for our homework project linked to this unit of work

We have looked at and explored different places of worship and objects we would see there in R.E. 

In Science, we have seen how materials can be used and has improved how lives through inventors like John Dunlop, Charles Mcintosh and John McAdams.

Our music lessons have explored rhythm and beat. What a musical and rhythmic lot Year 2 are! We have used instruments and body percussion to play a beat. We found this so much fun.

Well done Year 2 – keep up the good work!

Mrs Fletcher

December 2020


Class 2 have had a busy, exciting half term!

We have particularly enjoyed Music, Science, Design & Technology, and Geography.

In Music, we have explored pitch, duration, and appropriate forms of notation. We learnt about how mood can be expressed using the voice and instruments. 

In Science, we identified and compared the suitability of a variety of everyday materials. In fact, went on a discovery walk around the school grounds to identify materials and their uses!

In Geography, we discussed the different types of weather around the UK, what clothes we would wear in specific seasons and went outside to find out which direction the wind was coming from.

We also designed and made our own lunch containers in design and technology.

We are very proud of our wonderful children who have made a truly fantastic start to the new school year!


Mrs Fletcher

October 2020