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Wow! What an amazing half term. We can’t believe it has gone so fast. 

A big thank you to all of the children for settling into Class 3 and getting back down to the business of being the best version of ourselves.  If it’s reading, writing or maths you can be sure that we have been practising important skills every day to make sure we have the knowledge to achieve and aim higher and higher.

In reading we have been revising and practising our important VIPERS skills – every day we read new texts, listen to our shared story ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and talk about the information we need to find. 

In writing we have studied the story of ‘The Happy Prince’ and used very tricky writing skills like complex sentences, alliteration and dialogue to write our own versions.  We are currently writing a version of the well-known picture book story ‘Flood’ by Alvaro F Villa. 

In maths we have been revising our place value – all those hundreds, tens and ones!  We are currently learning about addition and subtraction with even larger numbers to 1000 using place value grids and base ten materials. 

Well done to everyone who has accessed the Bug Club reading materials online – it is great to see you practising your reading at home and please don’t forget your times table practice on Times Table Rockstars. 

Thank you to my Hindu Superstars!  Every Friday we learn about Hinduism and you help me to explain the important rituals and festivals that you celebrate.  I could not have done it without your expertise J You have done a great job! 

Finally, a big well done and special mention for the super girls who have set fantastic standards of behaviour, listening and kindness.  They really are a credit to our class and it makes me so happy to see the fantastic examples they set every day. 

Have a lovely half term everybody!

Mr Ogden

October 2021


In Year 3, we have been covering the essentials to enable long term progress throughout the Maths curriculum. This includes place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication- we have been applying these skills to reasoning and problem-solving activities. In English, we have been preparing to write a story using a range of writing devices. In Reading, we have been improving our Reading skills across the VIPERS, which includes improving our skills of retrieving information and inferring. 

In Science, we are studying the topic 'Forces and Magnets'. So far, we have identified forces acting on objects, learnt about friction and investigated which surfaces produce a greater amount of friction when an object travels over them. In Design and Technology, we have been looking at levers and linkages in order to work towards creating a moving poster. In History, we have been looking at buildings in our local area and looking into what makes a building worthy of being preserved. In Computing, we have been developing our programming skills using Turtle Logo. In PE, we have been practising our throwing and catching skills in handball and our running, jumping and throwing skills in athletics.

Mr Dearing, May 2021


In Year 3, we have had another fantastic half term!

In Maths, we have further developed our understanding of addition and subtraction involving numbers up to 1000. We have also been working on multiplication and division and understanding how these two operations are related.

In English, we wrote our version of the story 'The Happy Prince' and have begun to work toward our next piece of writing- a persuasive holiday brochure. We have continued to develop our reading skills, including retrieval and inference skills as well as the skill of sequencing events and understanding unfamiliar vocabulary in a text.

In Science, we have been studying rocks, including our understanding of the different types of rocks and how they are formed. We have tested different rocks to determine their properties, such as which rocks are permeable and which are impermeable. In addition to this, we have also studied the process leading to fossils being formed and developed an understanding of the different types of fossils.

In Geography, we have been studying climate and biomes. This has involved identifying the location of the different climate zones on the globe and identifying key features of the different climate zones, including the coldest places, the hottest/wettest places and the hottest/driest places on Earth.

In RE, we have been studying Sikhism, including the key beliefs in the Sikh religion and how these beliefs are carried into the way that Sikhs live their lives.

In Art, our unit has been based on the season of Autumn- we have drawn leaves to include key details and artistic techniques (such as manipulating tone and colour for effect), we have also printed leaves and created paper leaves.

In PE, we have been improving our hockey skills, including our dribbling and passing skills. We have also been improving our gymnastic kills, including our balancing skills.

In Computing, we have been developing our word processing skills to allow us to present text in a particular way on a word document. 

We are looking forward to taking part in lots of exciting activities over the final few weeks of this term!

Mr Dearing

December 2020


In Class 3, we have had a fantastic start to the brand new school year!

We have been working hard on developing our core skills, including reading where we have been working largely on retrieving information from a text and drawing inferences from pictures and passages of text. We have also developed our writing skills in English, including our use of adjectives, verbs and similes. We will be using these writing skills to write our own version of the story ‘The Happy Prince’.

In Maths, we have developed our understanding of place value, working with numbers up to 1000. We have learnt about the Stone Age in History, and the changes that took place between the old and New Stone Age. In Science, we have learnt about animals including humans, this has included the types of nutrients that we need, the food that provides us with this and why we need these nutrients.

We have learnt a great deal in each subject area, including online safety in Computing, football and dance skills in PE, design and structuring skills in D&T, being a good friend in PSHE and greetings in Spanish.

We can’t wait for another half term filled with learning, excitement and progress!


Mr Dearing

October 2020